Authors: Anastasia Aladysheva

Impact evaluation of the Livingsidebyside peacebuilding educational programme in Kyrgyzstan

This study presents the results of an impact assessment of a school-based peace education programme in southern Kyrgyzstan, that aims to promoting interethnic and inter-religious tolerance and understanding. Ten schools were randomly selected from a sampling frame of 31 Russian-speaking schools to receive treatment. Using an oversubscription design we randomized treatment at the individual level. […]

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Social Cohesion through Community- based Development in Kyrgyzstan

Community-driven development (CDD) – a widely practiced tool by development donors and practitioners worldwide – strives to empower and develop communities by giving them joint control over aid allocations. This is expected to improve local development, local governance, and strengthen social cohesion. However, the empirical evidence for the third outcome is quite weak. This paper […]

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Anastasia Aladysheva

Dr Anastasia Aladysheva is a Research Affiliate at ISDC and a Senior Researcher with the SIPRI Life in Kyrgyzstan project, focussing on impact evaluations of development and peacebuilding programmes in Kyrgyzstan. Her primary research interests include development economics, impact evaluation methods, social and behavioural economics, and political economy. Anastasia completed her PhD in International Economics […]

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