Authors: Jérôme Ouedraogo

An Impact Evaluation of WFP Malnutrition Interventions in Niger

Although much has been learned about the performance of food aid interventions, less is known about their impact in situations of chronic, rather than acute, food insecurity. In this article, we show little medium-term impact of direct food provision of nutritional outcomes but a strong, positive, impact of assets based programming in chronically food insecure Niger.

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Jérôme Ouedraogo

Jérôme Ouedraogo is a Research Affiliate at ISDC and an Economist-Statistician at Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security in Burkina Faso. He is currently a Visiting Researcher at UNECA, where he supports data collection, analysis and outreach for the Impact Evaluation of a WFP project on Malnutrition Interventions in Niger. Previously, Jérôme has worked as Research […]

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