Authors: Lea Ellmanns

The Cost of Talking Peace

Funding aspects are a key issue in peace negotiation and mediation processes (referred to as peace negotiations in shorthand). Yet, their role and implications are insuf ciently understood. Funding for peace negotiations is often treated as a purely technical issue. However, on closer inspection, funding is fundamentally political and, as such, has a profound impact […]

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The Cost of Talking Peace: Financing peace negotiation and mediation processes

Peace negotiation and mediation processes are standard approaches to ending armed conflicts. While the international system has put norms, structures and capacities in place to support these processes, how they are financed has not undergone a similar transformation. Funding is perceived as purely technical, though it is political in its implications and often complex in its […]

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Lea Ellmanns

Lea Ellmanns is a Researcher at ISDC. Lea’s varied research interests include conflict and peacebuilding, post-conflict stabilisation, global health security, as well as the law of armed conflict. Geographically, her interests lie in Asia and the Middle East. At ISDC, she is working on the “Financing Peace Processes” project, implemented jointly with Swisspeace. Previously, she […]

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