Authors: Philip Verwimp

17th Annual Workshop of the Households in Conflict Network: Conflict, Migration, and Displacement

The complex nexus of forced migration, development, and security is central to the analysis of household welfare. Any empirical analysis of the link between conflict and forced migration faces issues due to endogeneity, generalizability, or data quality. The workshop thus aims at discussing creative and innovative approaches that allow dealing with the above issues to […]

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The Microeconomics of Violent Conflict

In our brief review, we take stock of the emergence, in the last decade, of the “microeconomics of violent conflict” as a new subfield of empirical development economics.

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Philip Verwimp

Philip Verwimp is a Research Affiliate at ISDC and he currently holds the Marie and Alain Philippson Chair in Sustainable Human Development at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, Université Libre de Bruxelles, where he is also a Fellow of ECARES. Philip holds BA, MA and MSc degrees in Economics and Sociology from […]

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