Ana Karalashvili

Research Assistant, Peacebuilding Program

Ana Karalashvili is a Research Assistant in the Peacebuilding Program with the emphasis on quantitative and qualitative data analysis. Her further research interests include comparative welfare research, socio-economic inequalities, and life-course analysis.

Previously, she has worked as a research assistant at the Center for East European and International Studies (ZOiS) in Berlin as well as at Tbilisi State University, where she completed B.A. in sociology with Honours with an exchange semester spent at the University of Helsinki. Between the M.A. and B.A. studies, she worked as a researcher in the Institute of Social Studies and Analysis in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Ana is currently pursuing Master’s degree in Sociology at Free University Berlin and works as a research assistant for the cluster of excellence “Constestation of the liberal script”.


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