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Junior Researcher, Peacebuilding

Theodora Benesch

Theodora Benesch is a Junior Researcher in ISDC’s Peacebuilding Research Program. Theodora’s research interests relate to peacekeeping, peacebuilding, and gender as well as nonviolent movements, negotiations, and mediation.

At ISDC, she is working on the evaluations of programs by the UN Peacebuilding Fund (PBF) in Mali, Niger, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Guatemala as part of the PeaceFIELD project.

Prior to joining ISDC, she worked as a Research Assistant at the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies at Uppsala University for the Variation in Institutional Oversight of Police Misconduct project. Internships at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research in a project on peace agreement implementation and women’s security and empowerment as well as at the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt in a project on humanitarian military interventions further contributed to her research experience.

Theodora holds a Master’s Degree in Peace and Conflict Studies from Uppsala University in Sweden and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Goethe University.

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