What We Do

ISDC conducts non-for-profit research, policy advice and capacity development on the following themes and with these methods. We work in nearly all world regions.

By theme:

  • We analyse poverty and social exclusion, employment and livelihoods, entrepreneurship and micro-enterprises.
  • We investigate gender, intra-household bargaining, and the role of children.
  • We study economic growth and alternative measures of well-being, vertical and horizontal inequality.
  • We conduct studies on defence economics and public finance of military spending.
  • We measure and analyse perceptions of insecurity and worries about terrorism.
  • We are experts for fragility and state building, for reconstruction and peace building.
  • We define, discuss, measure and analyse violence and conflict, both at the individual level and in aggregate measures.

By method:

  • We design household and firm level surveys and collect data in the field.
  • We use advanced statistical and econometric methods and programmes.
  • We conduct evaluations, including theory-based impact evaluations.

By data source:

  • We specialise in individual and household survey data collection and analysis.
  • We collect and analyse conflict event data.
  • We assemble and study public finance and aggregate macro data.

By region:

  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Central Asia
  • Middle East and North Africa
  • Europe

By service:

  • research design
  • data collection
  • impact evaluation
  • analysis and interpretation
  • training
  • capacity development
  • professional network building
  • event hosting