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Call for Papers: 20th Annual HiCN Workshop

Since 2005, the Households in Conflict Network (HiCN) has fostered academic research and discussion on the micro-level experiences and consequences of violent conflict in its annual workshops.

Hosted by Humboldt-University of Berlin on 1-2 October 2024, the 20th Anniversary HiCN Annual Workshop will build on this achievement by discussing a new focus for research within the micro-level, quantitative analysis of the impacts of violent conflict by promoting the analysis of so-called “poly-crises”. We define poly-crises as situations where at least two “separable” crises occur simultaneously and may have impacts over and above the separate crises occurring on their own.

The workshop will build on what is already known about poly-crises and what we need to know: What drives individuals’ experience of poly-crisis? What predicts their experience of poly-crises? How do people cope with poly-crises? And which interventions have been successful in alleviating the causes or associated suffering of poly-crises?

This HiCN conference will open opportunities for researchers to connect beyond the traditional boundaries of individual academic disciplines and bridge the gap between academia, policy, and practice. Specifically, the 20th Anniversary HiCN Workshop will be held in conjunction with the international expert conference ‘Fragile Lives 2024’ where researchers and practitioners will discuss the drivers, dynamics, and impacts of poly-crises, spanning violent conflict, humanitarian emergencies, and the climate crisis. Fragile Lives 2024 is organized by the Zero Hunger Lab at the Humboldt-University of Berlin, and will host academics from different fields in parallel workshops, including the annual workshops for the Households in Conflict Network (HiCN), the Leibniz Environment and Development Symposium (LEADS), and the methods working group of the German Association of Peace and Conflict Studies (AFK). Each of these workshops will publish its own CfP, and we ask that participants do not submit the same paper for more than one workshop. Each accepted participant will receive access to all Fragile Lives 2024 sessions.

As was the case in our previous annual workshops, we invite all academic papers that analyze empirically the causes, functioning and consequences of violent conflict around the world. Priority consideration will be given to micro-level, quantitative papers that investigate how poly-crises shape and are shaped by: agriculture and food security, private sector and employment, preferences and behavior, and climate shocks and violent conflict – or other related aspects of poly-crises.

From all submitted papers, the conference organizers will assemble a special issue proposal for the Journal of Peace Research. Please indicate in your submission if you would like your paper to be considered for this special issue proposal. Full papers need to be submitted via email to The call for papers will close on 10 May 2024. We aim to inform the authors of selected papers by 14 June 2024. Some papers may be considered for a poster session. Successful presenters will be asked to cover their own travel expenses and contribute to the conference costs with a €150/€100 participation fee (full/reduced fee).

Keynote Speakers: Agnes Quisumbing (IFPRI) and Ibrahim Elbadawi (ERF)

HiCN Co-Directors: Tilman Brück, Patricia Justino, and Philip Verwimp.

Local organizers of Fragile Lives 2024: Tilman Brück (IGZ, HU Berlin and ISDC), Jonathan Garcia (IGZ and HU Berlin) and Dorian Lötzer (ISDC).

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