Guideline for Ensuring Good Scientific Practice

The freedom of science guaranteed in Germany under constitutional law requires responsibility. This responsibility includes, among other things, the obligation of institutions and individuals to ensure that science is conducted ethically and to a high standard of quality. Ethical science and scientific quality are equally based on honesty, transparency, diligence, self-reflection, critical faculties and mutual respect; in addition, ethical science and scientific quality are mutually dependent.

To ensure good scientific practice in all its work, ISDC has developed the Guideline for Ensuring Good Scientific Practice. It is based on the recommendations and proposals for safeguarding good scientific practice made by the German Research Foundation (the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) in 2013. The Guideline supplements the ISDC Code of Conduct in its currently valid version.

This Guideline applies to the scientific work of ISDC and is binding for all staff working with and for the organisation (employees, students, doctoral students, interns and others) as well as the management. In addition, compliance with this Guideline in dealings with partners must be ensured. Partners can be other scientists, institutions, sponsors, clients or other experts or contact persons.

The Guideline can be downloaded in German here and in English here.

The ombudsperson for good scientific practice at ISDC is Professor Patricia Justino. She can be contacted here. The deputy ombudsperson is Professor Eleonora Nillesen. She can be contacted here.

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