18th HiCN Annual Workshop

The 18th Annual Workshop of the Households in Conflict Network will be organized at the University of Warwick.

This year’s workshop theme is individual level consequences of exposure to violent conflict with an emphasis on innovative designs, new methods and data to identify causal impacts of armed violence exposure on social, economic, and political behaviors and attitudes of individuals. We invite papers exploring these impacts, the mechanisms that transmit them, as well as the implications of these micro level findings for the macro level socio-economic and political development of societies.

Kristian Skrede Gleditsch (Essex) and Gudrun Østby (PRIO) will be giving the keynote speeches.

The workshop will allow HiCN affiliates to present their research to the Network, as well as provide an opportunity for affiliates to connect with others working in the field of Households in Conflict. As in previous years, we also welcomed innovative papers analyzing violent conflict even if they do not directly address the theme. 

Paper submissions are now closed.

Local Organizer: Arzu Kibris
Local Co-Organizers and Committee: Vincenzo Bove, Jessica DiSalvatore
HiCN Directors: Tilman Brück, Patricia Justino, Philip Verwimp

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