KOSMOS Lecture: Towards Zero Hunger

ISDC Director Prof. Tilman Brück will be giving a KOSMOS on February 15, 2024, from 6:00 to 7:30 PM at the Senate Hall of Humboldt University, Berlin. Under the theme “Towards Zero Hunger,” Prof. Brück, an expert in nutrition security during crises, will explore the pivotal role of economic research in overcoming global hunger and poverty. Using microeconomic analysis, he’ll delve into the long-term effects of crises on livelihoods and food security in regions like Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Tilman’s lecture will illuminate the intricate relationship between crises and socio-economic factors, addressing the staggering reality of 800 million people facing undernourishment globally. Focusing on specific cases such as Kyrgyzstan’s cold winters affecting child growth and the transformative impact of conflicts on the agricultural labor market in Africa, particularly for women, the lecture will aim to unravel the complexities contributing to these challenges. Moreover, Prof. Brück will scrutinize the effectiveness of development aid and humanitarian relief in alleviating hunger, drawing on research findings from Bangladesh, Nepal, and Syria.

As the Heisenberg Professor for Economic Development and Nutrition Security at Humboldt University, Tilman brings practical relevance to his research, advising national governments, the European Commission, international organizations, the United Nations, the World Bank, and many NGOs. Moderated by Prof. Dr. Martin Odening, Head of the Department of General Agricultural Economics at Humboldt University, this English-language lecture offers a unique opportunity for an insightful exploration of global hunger challenges. Admission is free, making this event accessible to all who seek knowledge and wish to contribute to the journey “Towards Zero Hunger.”

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