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FAO Syria Representative Mike Robson visits ISDC

Over many years and several projects, understanding food security in Syria has been part of ISDC’s work. One of our closest partners during this time was Dr. Mike Robson, who is the FAO Representative in Syria.

We were delighted to be able to welcome Mike in Berlin last week and thrilled that he also agreed to present to interested students at Humboldt University.

Mike spoke about the context of Syria, the history of the conflict, and how this affected the food security and welfare of the population. His presentation focused on three main concepts:

  1. The Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus
  2. The Food System
  3. The Water-Energy-Food Nexus

We thank Mike the continued cooperation and for sharing his expertise on the efforts to reduce food insecurity in Syria.

You can find more about our work in Syria from our flagship SEEDS project.

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