Has pacifism had its day? Tilman Brück discusses the role of pacifism on rbbKultur

‘Pacifism is the goal of creating rules that work, that are effective and that can also be sanctioned.’ Says ISDC Director Tilman Brück in conversation with Liana Fix and Carla Spangenberg.

Listen to the full debate on the future of pacifism within the context of war in Ukraine here.

Prof. Brück cites his recent paper on the economic cost of war, which is available to read here.

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Tilman Brück Speaking to UNICEF on Social Protection in Emergency Situations

The latest UNICEF Research Watch explores the challenges of providing social protection in emergencies and identifies future directions for research. Listen to the interview with Tilman Brück, Founder of the International Security and Research Center, speaking on how the mounting crises are blurring the line between humanitarian and development work. Listen to the interview with Tilman […]

UNICEF Blog on administrative data: Missed opportunity for learning and research in humanitarian emergencies?

Tilman Brück contributed to a blog discussing the strengths and weaknesses of using administrative data collected during emergencies for research on children. The blog was written by researchers from the recent UNICEF Social Protection Workshop. Source: Administrative Data: Missed opportunity for learning and research in humanitarian emergencies? – Evidence for Action

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