New project: Women’s Action Committees and Local Services

We’re happy to announce that we’re kicking off the execution stage of a new project, titled “Women’s Action Committees and Local Services“!

The goal of the project is to study how we can improve the provision of public services to women. It is funded by Evidence in Governance and Politics’ (EGAP) Metakata Initiative and will include studies in Kyrgyzstan, Malawi, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Vietnam.

ISDC is partnering with Humboldt University Berlin, Peking University, Evidence Central Asia, and Development Policy Institute to implement the Kyrgyzstan-related portion of the study, which lets us deepen our involvement in a country in which we have long-standing research cooperations.

ISDC’s Damir Esenaliev will take charge on this effort and we look forward to seeing preliminary results in 2023 and beyond!

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