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The ‘Life in Bentiu’ Study

Project Background

Bentiu is affected by three major crises. In the course of the civil war, the city experienced significant destruction. Hundreds of thousands of people were displaced in Unity State alone, where Bentiu is located. Moreover, severe floods swamp the area every year with increasing intensity, disconnecting the region from markets and intensifying displacement. Lastly, the war in neighbouring Sudan disrupted the goods inflow from the north and displaced hundreds of thousands more people that now seek shelter in the area around Bentiu. The compounding effects of these circumstances show that Bentiu is facing a state of poly-crisis.

Project Objectives

The goal of ISDC’s work in Bentiu is to measure the development of behavioral and welfare outcomes of internally displaced households in light of shocks and humanitarian assistance, specifically anticipatory one-off cash transfers (in anticipation of floods), by regularly following up with the same 1,200 households.

Photo credit: Hon Stephen Gatphan

Project Details


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