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Register for ANH Learning Lab: Conducting Impact Evaluations in Conflict Settings

As part of the ANH Academy Week, ISDC is hosting a Learning Lab on ‘Conducting Rigorous Impact Evaluations of Food Systems Interventions in Humanitarian Emergencies and Conflict-Affected Settings.’

Session Description

Many consider Rigorous Impact Evaluations (RIEs) to be the gold standard in evaluating interventions. We agree. However, various methodological, ethical, and practical challenges to conducting RIEs in Humanitarian Emergencies and Conflict Settings (HECS) have raised questions about how well traditional RIE methods are well suited to such settings.

Our goal is to provide a general overview of the tools and data needed to conduct the RIEs in HECS, to discuss the practical and theoretical solutions to challenges in designing and conducting RIEs in HECS, and strengthen the research-practice collaboration on learning in HECS. More specifically, we will discuss alternative designs and data for RIEs.

Ghassan Baliki, Melodie Al Daccache, and Tilman Brück will be sharing their expertise, and the event will take place on 18 June 2024 from 2 to 4 pm CEST.

You can register to attend the session via the ANH Website.

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