Research Affiliate

Eleonora Nillesen

Dr Eleonora Nillesen is a Research Fellow at UNU-MERIT and a Research Affiliate at ISDC. Her research interests include the impact of conflict on socio-economic outcomes in Sub-Sahara Africa. Eleonora obtained a PhD in development economics from Wageningen University, the Netherlands, in June 2010. Before joining UNU-MERIT, Eleonora held research positions at Wageningen University, ETH Zürich and DIW Berlin.

Eleonora has published on the impact of violent conflict on socio-economic indicators and institutional change, with a particular focus on rural households in Sub-Sahara, in international peer reviewed journals including the American Economic Review, Journal of Public Economics, and Journal of Development Economics. Her current work focuses on assessing the effectiveness of aid interventions using field experiments in Liberia, DR Congo, Kyrgyzstan and Kenya.

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