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Tilman Brück presents at ‘War and Reconstruction in Ukraine’ Workshop

ISDC Director Tilman Brück is presenting preliminary results from a joint project with the International Trade Centre (ITC) at a joint HiCN-UNU WIDER-NEPS Workshop titled ‘War and Reconstruction in Ukraine’ in Helsinki on 8 May, 2023.

The workshop and subsequent policy panel will link stakeholders across research and policy communities to build up combined capacities. The workshop will focus on academic research findings on the implications of the war for recovery and reconstruction in Ukraine.

Part of the livelihood reconstruction and recovery block, Tilman’s presentation asks the question: “Who gains from fragility?” using micro-level evidence on the impact of fragility on enterprises in eight low- and middle-income countries, including Ukraine.

This event is organized in partnership with the Development Policy Committee of Finland, in collaboration with the Households in Conflict Network (HiCN) and the Network of European Peace Scientists (NEPS).

Find the full program here.

Photo credit: UNU-WIDER

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