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Upcoming Webinar: ‘The Importance of Being Early in Humanitarian Response’

The increased frequency and intensity of climate shocks are expanding humanitarian needs and the impact on households. So far, the programming of humanitarian assistance has been mostly responsive and relief arrives when adverse and long-lasting effects have materialized. Given advances in forecasting weather shocks, what if governments and humanitarian actors could provide assistance to households ahead of or at the peak of shocks? In this dialogue, Stefan Dercon and Jonas Heirman will discuss the results of two evaluations of “anticipatory” cash transfers to flood-prone households in Bangladesh and Nepal.

The 3D Seminar

The 3D seminar is a monthly 45-minute online forum, in which one researcher and one practitioner touch upon key topics in development policy, stimulating a meaningful dialogue across the theory and practice divide.

Seminar Guidelines

All participants are muted during the presentations. In the Q&A, the moderator opens the microphone to participants that indicate to have a question via zoom’s “raise hand” button. When you enter the Zoom room, please join with your full name and indicate your university or institution/organization afterwards.

The session will take place at 3pm CEST on Thursday, 27 June 2024. You can join via Zoom.

The 3D seminar is organized by Sarah Langlotz, Lennart Kaplan, and Heiner Janus and this session is moderated by Jonathan Garcia.

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