Impact Analysis of Food Security Interventions in North-East Nigeria

This project provides new evidence and recommendations from North-east Nigeria for food security interventions in conflict-affected settings. The findings are based on a review of relevant linkages food security and conflict and an empirical impact analysis of an agricultural input intervention by FAO.

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Micro-Foundations of Fragility: Concepts, Measurement and Application

What causes a country to be “fragile” differs significantly across locations. Individuals in different places will often experience fragility very differently. In this project, we develop a survey module to measure individual experiences of fragility, applying this concept for the case of Kenya.

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Conflict and development. Recent research advances and future agendas

We survey selected parts of the growing literature on the microeconomics of violent conflict, identifying where academic research has started to establish stylized facts and where methodological and knowledge gaps remain. We focus our review on the role of civilian agency in conflict; on wartime institutions; and on the private sector in conflict. Future research […]

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