Analysis, Design, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (ADMEL): Designing a Process for Learning from Employment for Stability Programming

In this project, we develop an approach designed to aid in closing persistent learning and knowledge gaps in development programming by suggesting how current monitoring and evaluation approaches can be adapted to maximize learning.

To do so, we propose augmenting current monitoring and evaluation processes with a “learning” component that takes place concurrently with four other stages already present in programming – Analysis, Design, Monitoring and Evaluation – to develop the “ADMEL” approach. This approach requires the interaction of “Learning” with the other components at all stages of the program. That is, rather than taking place in a separate realm and involving separate processes, our “Learning” component is the application of the information collected at other stages of the program life-cycle.

We discuss two interconnected components that act as barriers to learning from development programming. The first is what is supposed to be done, but that either isn’t done, or at least, is not done well; the second is what isn’t necessarily supposed to be done but that should be done; and aim to develop understanding of how these barriers can be overcome. This project , therefore, defines what this “Learning” component is; how it interacts with the other stages of programming; on how it can deliver better information on how programs function; and how it can be implemented.

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