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Evaluating Protection Outcomes of ICRC EcoSec Interventions

Project Background

During times of crisis, people require essential assistance like food, water, psychosocial support, and medical aid. In a time where instability and conflict are once again becoming more common, it is ever more important to understand the people who experience this instability, including their livelihood strategies, coping mechanisms, and their socio-cultural contexts. Beyond that, we must understand how interventions can improve lives in these different domains.

Project Objectives

ICRC are a fundamental player in providing the lifesaving interventions and pro-livelihood activities necessitated by violent conflict and other crises. This project will undertake an evaluation process to support ICRC’s learning about this work. Specifically, ISDC is studying activities related to bringing victims of armed conflict and other situations of violence rapid and flexible assistance to cover their essential needs and unavoidable expenditures in sustainable ways that respect their dignity. The main purpose of this evaluation will be to understand how the ICRC Economic Security Unit (EcoSec) programs reduce risk and prevent future harm. The underpinning objectives of the project will be to understand the projects, interventions, and strategies under the EcoSec umbrella that offer the greatest opportunity to boost protection and associated outcomes.

Project Details


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