Impact Evaluation of the Pakistan Afghanistan Tajikistan Regional Integration Programme (PATRIP)

The regional program pursues the goal of promoting stability of the border regions in economic, social and political terms, thus contributing to conflict reduction and peacekeeping and improving the living conditions of the population. The objective of support measures is to strengthen cross-border exchange and cooperation. The program is carried out by international and local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in close cooperation with the local population. The PATRIP foundation is responsible for the selection of individual measures, channeling of funds, and monitoring of implementation. The foundation, established in 2011, is supported by the the German Foreign Ministry, Luxembourg and Norway.

The immediate target group of the program is the population living in the Afghan-Pakistani and Afghan-Tajik border regions, which comprises a total of 6 million people.

ISDC conducted an interim evaluation of the 36 out of 59 individual measures approved to date.


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