New Report: Life with Corona – Shared Global Sentiments and Stark Generational Divides

Six findings from six months of Life with Corona, a global research project to collect real-time data on the social and economic impacts of COVID-19.

Key findings of the report include:

  • Young adults actively perform many behaviours to counter the pandemic.
  • Stress on families during the pandemic fall disproportionately on women who live with more than one other person.
  • Older people are less stressed than younger people and are less worried about current circumstances.
  • After the peak of COVID-related deaths, support for countermeasures drops.
  • People around the world want a vaccine to be available globally – with the exception of people in the USA.
  • Younger people are more willing to pay to stop the spread of the disease than older people.

The data were collected in the “Life with Corona” online survey ( The survey is led by ISDC, UNU-WIDER, University of Konstanz, IGZ, and IDS and a larger network of global partners. The data used in the analysis were collected in the period 23 March to 15 September 2020. The number of observations is 11,657, recorded from 137 countries around the globe. Unless stated otherwise below, all analyses refer to the total sample across all countries. For country comparison statistics, the data are weighted to be representative of the country-level population in terms of age-group and gender (for countries with more than 150 responses only).

Download the full report here.


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