The Life with Corona Survey

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global crisis affecting everyone. Yet, its challenges and countermeasures vary significantly over time and space. Individual experiences of the pandemic are highly heterogeneous and its impacts span and interlink multiple dimensions, such as health, economic, social and political impacts. Therefore,
there is a need to disaggregate “the pandemic”: analysing experiences, behaviours and impacts at the micro level and from multiple disciplinary perspectives. Such analyses require multi-topic pan-national survey data that are collected continuously and can be matched with other datasets, such as disease statistics or information
on countermeasures. To this end, we introduce a new dataset that matches these desirable properties – the Life with Corona (LwC) survey – and perform illustrative analyses to show the importance of such micro data to understand how the pandemic and its countermeasures shape lives and societies over time.

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Stojetz, W., N. T. N. Ferguson, G. Baliki, O. Diaz Botía, J. Elfes, D. Esenaliev, H. Freudenreich, A. Koebach, L. Lopes de Abreu, L. Peitz, A. Todua, M. Schreiner, A. Hoeffler, P. Justino and T. Brück (2022). “The Life with Corona Survey”. Social Science & Medicine, vol. 306, no. 115109.


Anke Hoeffler

Damir Esenaliev

Ghassan Baliki

Laura Peitz

Neil Ferguson

Patricia Justino

Tilman Brück

Wolfgang Stojetz