The ‘Life in Bentiu’ Study

Project Background Bentiu is affected by three major crises. In the course of the civil war, the city experienced significant destruction. Hundreds of thousands of people were displaced in Unity State alone, where Bentiu is located. Moreover, severe floods swamp the area every year with increasing intensity, disconnecting the region from markets and intensifying displacement. […]

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Impact Evaluation of a Social Safety Net Intervention in the Republic of Congo

This project studies the impacts of a social safety net intervention in refugee and their host communities of the Republic of Congo. The intervention intends to provide 4,000 vulnerable with regular conditional cash transfers and 8,000 households with support for income generating activities intended to increase stable revenues. The project will estimate causal impacts of […]

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The Gendered Impacts of Armed Conflict on Economic Activity

This project studies the gendered impacts of armed conflict on individuals’ participation in agri-food systems. Agri-food systems encompass the entire range of value-adding activities in the primary production of food and non-food agricultural products, as well as food storage, aggregation, post-harvest handling, transportation, processing, distribution, marketing, disposal, and consumption. The adequate functioning of agri-food systems […]

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Women’s Action Committees and Local Services

How can women be better mobilized to participate in consultative processes that would likely improve public services provision? The Women’s Action Committees and Local Services Metaketa round seeks to answer this question by coordinating five research projects in diverse contexts that assess how the act of participation affects women in these settings and how the […]

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Financing the Implementation of Peace Agreements

When peace agreements are reached, they often define a set of stipulations that need to be implemented in order for the agreement to work for all of its signatories. This can include, for example, the presence of peacekeepers or the creation of transitional justice mechanisms to deal with the legacies of violence and its perpetrators. […]

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