The burden of experience: Remembering life events increases poor people’s rejection of risky but favorable bets

The burden of poverty is caused by both material deprivation and the psychological threat associated with it. Poverty has been found to diminish cognitive ability and cause the poor to forego beneficial programs. In the present study, we examined how exacerbating the psychological burden of poverty through an intervention that asked participants to recall a […]

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The effects of cool roofs on health, environmental, and economic outcomes in rural Africa: study protocol for a community-based cluster randomized controlled trial

Background High ambient air temperatures in Africa pose significant health and behavioral challenges in populations with limited access to cooling adaptations. The built environment can exacerbate heat exposure, making passive home cooling adaptations a potential method for protecting occupants against indoor heat exposure. Methods We are conducting a 2-year community-based stratified cluster randomized controlled trial […]

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COVID-19 Pandemic and Food Insecurity Fuel the Mental Health Crisis in Africa

Objective Providing country-level estimates for prevalence rates of Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), COVID-19 exposure and food insecurity (FI) and assessing the role of persistent threats to survival—exemplified by exposure to COVID-19 and FI—for the mental health crisis in Africa. Methods Original phone-based survey data from Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Uganda (12 consecutive cross-sections in […]

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