The Peace Bargain (Policy Brief)

This policy brief discusses our research on the complexities of financing peace agreements and draws implementable recommendations based on its findings.

The signing of a peace agreement is often seen as the end of a long process to end violence, yet up to half of such agreements fail within 10 years. In reality, the agreement is an important milestone but not the final one. Just as negotiation leads to the agreement, the agreement itself leads to an implementation phase, which can affect the durability of the agreement reached.

This research aims to shed light on two important aspects:

  1. The extent to which questions around implementation and its financing are addressed during the negotiation of peace agreements.
  2. The ways in which implementation is financed and how decisions are made on what is implemented or not.

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Schmidlin, N., Ellmanns, L., Kaltenpoth, F., Ferguson, N.T.N., Landau, D., Hörler, T. & Brück, T. (2024). The Peace Bargain (Policy Brief).


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