The Peace Bargain

Our research on the complexities of financing peace agreements delves into the understudied intersection of funding and peacebuilding processes. Through in-depth interviews with experts across various peace processes, we uncovered key insights into the challenges and opportunities in financing peace agreements. This research aimed to answer two questions: 

  1. To what extent are questions around implementation and its financing addressed during the negotiation of peace agreements?
  2. How is implementation financed and how are decisions made on what is implemented and what is not?

Our final report, ‘The Peace Bargain’, highlights the potential deviations in preferences between agreement brokers and implementers, emphasizing the importance of aligning funding strategies with the overall peace process goals. 

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Schmidlin, N., Ellmanns, L., Kaltenpoth, F., Ferguson, N.T.N., Landau, D., Hörler, T. & Brück, T. (2024). The Peace Bargain: The Complexities of Financing Peace Agreements.


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