Monitoring and Impact Analysis of the EU-Funded Smallholder Support Programme (SSP) for Agriculture Transformation

FAO Syria is implementing the “Smallholder Support Programme” (SSP). The main objective of this programme is to contribute to the transformation of the agriculture sector in Syria by empowering vulnerable smallholder farmers and livestock keepers to be more productive, efficient and profitable as well as more informed, self-organised and risk aware. Two year after programme […]

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Conducting Rigorous Impact Evaluations in Humanitarian Emergencies and Conflict Settings: A Research-to-Practice Training Workshop

Many consider Rigorous Impact Evaluations (RIEs) to be the gold standard in evaluating interventions. We agree. However, various methodological, ethical, and practical challenges to conducting RIEs in Humanitarian Emergencies and Conflict Settings (HECS) have raised questions about how well traditional RIE methods are well-suited to such settings.  ISDC – International Security and Development Center has […]

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Webinar: The impact of agricultural interventions in Syria

Do agricultural interventions have a positive impact on food security and nutrition in conflict settings? Since 2020, under the SEEDS project, ISDC – International Security and Development Center and the American University of Beirut have used multi-disciplinary novel methods to study the short- and long-term impacts of complex agricultural interventions in Syria. In this webinar, […]

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