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Research Affiliate

Mekdim Dereje Regassa

Mekdim D. Regassa is a post-doctoral researcher in the program area “Plan Quality and Food Security” at the Leibniz Institute of Vegetable and Ornamental Crops (IGZ). His research interests include econometric methods for policy evaluation, food choices, and household welfare dynamics.

In the context of food4future, he studies how consumers react to extreme and rapidly changing institutions and environments. He has published in various peer reviewed journals including World Development, Economic Development and Cultural Change, European Review of Agricultural Economics, Journal of Development Studies, PloS one, Food Security, Food Policy, Journal of Crop Improvement, Agricultural Economics, Journal of Agricultural Economics, and Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics. Mekdim was a research officer at IFPRI in Ethiopia. He obtained his PhD in agricultural economics from Bonn University in 2022.

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