Authors: Myroslava Purska

15th Annual HiCN Workshop “New Methods in Empirical Conflict Research”

In the last 15 years, civil conflict has gradually become an important subject of study for empirical economists. As a result, conflict research has adopted many empirical methods from mainstream economics. There is now a broad consensus that violent political conflict and economic development are intertwined, and a fast-growing literature studies this relationship with micro-data. Applied research on conflict is increasingly embracing new empirical methods, such as RCTs, geospatial analysis using high-resolution satellite imagery, machine learning methods, big data applications, and the large-scale digitization of archival resources.

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Myroslava Purska

Myroslava Purska is a Project Manager at ISDC. She has extensive experience in developing and implementing management, communication and dissemination strategies for long-term, multi-partner research projects. Myroslava has a track record for effective and efficient collaboration with researchers and administrators in Europe and developing countries. In the past, she managed several EU-funded programs, including the […]

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