Home Gardens For Resilience and Recovery (HG4RR)

The main objective of HG4RR is to establish an international network of experts (researchers and practitioners from South and East Asia and Europe) to advance our knowledge on topics related to home gardens, resilience, food security, and interventions.

With this network, we would like to deepen our understanding of how informal small-scale home gardening acts as a coping strategy to strengthen the food and nutritional security and resilience of vulnerable households living under extreme uncertainty or in humanitarian crises. Moreover, the network would also advance our knowledge about how home and school gardens may have positive effects beyond their immediate outcomes (food security and nutrition), such as on women empowerment. The HG4RR network is formed of partners from 6 countries (Bangladesh, Cambodia, Germany, Philippines, Nepal, Thailand, India).

The HG4RR Network in hosted by the Leibniz Institute of Vegetable and Ornamental Crops and funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

If you are interested to be part of the network or if you want to receive updates through the HG4RR newsletter please register by sending an email to Gwen Moiles at hg4rr@isdc.org

**** For applicants to HG4RR exchange program: The letter of employment needs to be issued by the home institution.  Specifically, throughout the stay at the host institution, researchers must still be employed at their home institute and continue to receive their salaries during the visit. The research exchange and financial support will not be undertaken as an employment at the host institute. You do not require a pre-approval from the host institute at this stage. ****

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List of Current Network Members:

  • Concern Worldwide
  • Malteser International
  • SCALE | Food Security and Nutrition Network
  • Thaer-Institut, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin , Berlin, Germany
  • Seminar für Ländliche Entwicklung, Berlin Germany
  • Welthungerhilfe, Bonn Germany
  • International Security and Development Center, Berlin Germany
  • University of Development Alternative, Bangladesh
  • Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh
  • Lal Teer Seed Ltd, Bangladesh
  • Royal University of Agriculture, Cambodia
  • Agricultural Development Denmark Asia, Cambodia
  • Health Ministry, Nepal
  • Agricultural and Forestry University, Nepal
  • Ethnobotanical Society of Nepal, Nepal
  • University of Santo Tomas, the Philippines
  • World Vegetable Center, Taiwan
  • Grameen Bikash Foundation, Bangladesh
  • Nepal Agricultural Research Council, Nepal
  • Climate Change Adaptation, Mitigation Experiment & Training (CAMET), Bangladesh


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